QH1 + LL-PRO + LL-AF-01 capsules 3x30pcs.

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QH1 + LL-PRO + LL-AF-01

capsules 3 x 30 pcs.

MASTER LIFE BOX QH1 + LL-PRO + LL-AF-01 combines the complex and complementary action of the three products according to the special formula and program of Long Life Corp.:

To prolong human life and improve its quality!


MASTER LIFE BOX (QH1 + LL-PRO + LL-AF-01), contains several synergistically active components that multiply their health effect.

LL - QH1 is a product with scientifically proven life - prolonging, rejuvenating and regenerating effect, which enables the body to have its full energy and life potential for a long time, regardless of age. LL - QH1 improves / activates the metabolism, significantly increases the physical capacity and endurance of the body. It has a pronounced immunoactivating and antitumor potential, lowers blood sugar levels. Effectively regulates blood pressure, heart rate, digestive system activity, optimizes the nervous system and more.

LL - PRO combines three microalgae - Spirulina platensis, Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Laminaria japonica, which contain an optimal complex of essential amino acids, all vital vitamins and minerals and are one of the most powerful natural stem cell stimulators. They regenerate the body in a complex way (including the nervous tissue).

LL-AF-01 intensively activates the recovery processes in the body in: diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine system, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, di / stress, attention deficit, hyperactivity, depression and others. Effectively regenerates all systems and tissues in the body, intensively stimulating the proliferation of stem cells. It has powerful antioxidant and antitumor activity.

Ingredients in SDA 1 (one) capsule of LL QH1 + LL-PRO + LL-AF-01: LL QH1 - Chaga extract (Betula boletus) - 200 mg; LL-PRO - Spirulina platensis - 100 mg, Chlorella pyrenoidosa -100 mg and Laminaria japonica - 100 mg; LL-AF-01 - 500 mg.

Directions for use: take 1 capsule daily: 1st day - 1 capsule LL-PRO, 2nd day - 1 caps. LL-AF-01, 3rd day - 1 caps. QH1, then continue in the same order.

Two of the most active substances in LL-QH1 are betulin and beta-D-glucans (polysaccharides), which stimulate the immune system and lead to effective control of tumors and viral diseases. The available triterpenes help to optimally regulate lipid levels, activate detoxification, intensively repair tissues after illness and injury. LL- QH1 is also effectively used in cases of prevention: hypertension, diabetes, psoriasis, etc. The other main bioactive substances are: Phytosterols, lanosterols and inotodiols - phytochemicals and phenols that inhibit the growth of pathogenic pathogens; Melanin - has one of the highest known antioxidant potential. The enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) is a basic component in the enzymatic antioxidant system.

The multiplied health effect of the three types of microalgae in LL - PRO is demonstrated in a number of diseases, and their sector of applications includes disorders of: digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, CNS and PNS system. As with insomnia, overweight, diabetes and others. The product LL - PRO has powerful antioxidant and detoxifying activity, Complementing the properties and function of LL-QH1. Microalgae stimulate the immune system, they have antibacterial and antiviral activity, have antitumor effect, as well as anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant effect. Significantly improve memory and concentration. Reduce the level and consequences of stress and depression.

Spirulina platensis is the algae with the richest content of the pigment phycocyanin, which strongly stimulates the proliferation of stem cells and intensively activates the regenerative processes in the body. Spirulina is the most concentrated source of energy for the body and actively detoxifies the body (both from heavy metals and radioactive elements / airplanes and dangerous areas), and has a powerful rejuvenating effect. The product restores the optimal level of enzymes and hormones in the body. Increases muscle mass, physical capacity and endurance.

Chlorella pyrenoidosa contains the largest amount of natural growth factor - "Chlorella growth factor - CGF", composed of RNA, DNA and amino acids. It activates tissue regeneration (a powerful natural stimulator of stem cells), stimulates the immune system and detoxifies the body. Bioactive substances in Chlorella contain the highest content of chlorophyll and is one of the richest in RNA products.

Laminaria japonica - with a unique composition of bioactive ingredients and carotenoids (the most important is fucoidan). It is one of the most powerful stimulators of stem cells in the body and has a proven strong antioxidant, antitumor, anticoagulant, antithrombotic and immunomodulatory effect. Alginic acid salts improve activity and increase intestinal peristalsis. It is used for weight loss. Polysaccharides are available - mannitol, laminarin and alginate, and mannitol reduces increased intraocular (extremely important for the elderly) and intracranial pressure.

The powerful regenerating product LL-AF-01 (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) contains an extremely high concentration of nutrients and adaptogens - most of the known vitamins, iron, minerals, enzymes, glycogen, the eight essential amino acids, a number of essential amino acids and the most biologically active chlorophyll. all known foods. Phenylethylamine increases concentration, memory and is a natural powerful anti-stress effect. In LL-AF-01, the main fatty acid (almost 50% of the lipid content) is alpha-linolenic acid (Omega-3), which activates the immune system and is involved in building nerve tissue. It is recommended for after severe illnesses in order to quickly and optimally recover, regenerate the body with advancing age.

It is recommended for autoimmune diseases and when immunosuppressive or immunomodulatory therapy is applied, the intake of microalgae or products containing them should be performed under medical supervision.


The product is one of the main ones in the LIFE EXTENSION PROGRAM of Long Life Corporation.


* Long Life Corporation is a scientific and technical company that strictly controls both the ecological process of production of bio-raw materials used in the composition of our products and accurately takes into account their beneficial effect on consumers.


I. Long Life Corporation has all the certificates regarding the extraction and production of all the extracts used in our products.

II. Long Life Corporation has all the certificates regarding the production of the capsules themselves, as well as their coloring, bottling, packaging and protection.

III. Long Life Corporation has all patents regarding recipes, formulas and content of our products.

IV. All products of Long Life Corporation have several degrees of protection against harmful ingredients with certified chemical and biochemical analysis, including blood count.



* Long Life Corporation is a scientific and technical company that strictly controls both the environmental process of production of bio-raw materials used in the composition of our products and accurately reports their beneficial effect on consumers.

*Always before intake perform at least 5-10 minutes of light exercise according to the program of Long Live Corporation for better absorption of products and more intensive regeneration of the musculoskeletal system!

GB: Storage: 
Dry place, up to 25 C, protected from direct sunlight, out of reach of small children, suitable for up to two years from the production date.

BG: Съхранение: 
Сухо място, температура до 25 С, защитено от пряка слънчева светлина, недостъпно за малки деца, годност до две години от дата на производство.

RU: Сохранение: 
Сухое место, температура до 25 С, защищенный от прямых солнечных лучей, недоступен для маленьких детей, срок годности до двух лет с даты производства.

ES: Almacenamiento: 
Lugar seco, temperatura hasta 25 C, protegido de la luz solar directa, inaccesible para los niños pequeños, vida útil de hasta dos años a partir de la fecha de fabricación.

TR: Depolama: 
25 C'ye kadar sıcaklık, doğrudan güneş ışığından korunan, küçük çocukların erişemeyeceği kuru yer, üretim tarihinden itibaren iki yıla kadar raf ömrü.

CZ: Úložný prostor:: 
Suché místo, teplota do 25° C, chráněno před přímym slunečním zářením, mimo dosah malých dětí, vhodné do dvou let od data výroby.

GB: Delivery time: Bulgaria (72 hours),
Europe (7 working days),
Asia, America, Africa, Australia (14 business days).
The specified terms are valid after confirmation of payment of the purchased products + transport costs / according to the selected carrier /!

BG: Срок за доставка: България (72 часа),
Европа (7 работни дни),
Азия, Америка, Африка, Австралия (14 работни дни).
Посочените срокове са валидни след потвърждение на плащането на закупените продукти + транспортните разходи /според избраният превозвач/!

RU: Срок доставки: Болгария (72 часа),
Европа (7 рабочих дней),
Азия, Америка, Африка, Австралия (14 рабочих дней).
Казанные сроки действуют после подтверждения оплаты приобретенных товаров + транспортные расходы / согласно выбранному перевозчику /!

ES: Tiempo de entrega: Bulgaria (72 horas),
Europa (7 días laborables),
Asia, América, África, Australia (14 días laborales).
Los términos especificados son válidos después de la confirmación del pago de los productos comprados + costos de transporte / según el transportista seleccionado /!

TR: Teslim süresi: Bulgaristan (72 saat),
Avrupa (7 iş günü),
Asya, Amerika, Afrika, Avustralya (14 iş günü).
Belirtilen şartlar, satın alınan ürünlerin ödemesinin onaylanmasından sonra + nakliye masrafları / seçilen taşıyıcıya göre geçerlidir /!

CZ: Doba dodání: Bulharsko (72 hodin),
Evropa (7 pracovních dnů),
Asie, Amerika, Afrika, Austrálie (14 pracovních dnů).
Uvedené podmínky jsou platné po potvrzení platby zakoupených produktů + náklady na dopravu / dle zvoleného přepravce /!

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